Pre Requisites

Pre Requisites:

  •          Any child going to the Kingdome of Saudi Arabia below 12-to-15 years must present the valid (vaccinated 4 weeks ago) Polio Vaccination card before departure along with visa application.

  •          Any person involved in smuggling of drugs will be penalized to death sentence according to strict compliance of Law of Kingdome of Saudi Arabia

  •          In case of any flaw found in documents submitted for attestation, The Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia is authorized not to return the copies of fake/bogus certificates.

  •        Royal Consulate of Saudi Arabia will only accept Machine Readable Passports for visa with immediate from: 01-08-2006.

  •        Name spelling in visa slip must be according to the Passport holder’s name.

  •          Photocopies of all documents should be fresh, neat, clear & visible.

  •         E- ticket should be stamped from the concerned air line.

  •          Copy of marriage certificate & Form-B needs attestation from Foreign Office Islamabad.